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Four Questions that can Transform Performance Reviews

What is your goal when you conduct a performance review?  Do your people leave inspired or do they leave feeling beat down? If you are like a lot of leaders you may not look forward to this process.  If you rely on an annual performance review, the process Read more →

Are you a boss or a coach?

  Take a minute and think about a person in your life who brought out the best in you.  This person may have helped you accomplish great things.  Maybe they even inspired you to accomplish something you never thought possible. Now consider the traits of this individual.  How Read more →

You Must Give Up to Go Up

In the mid-1970s Wal-Mart was only a fraction of the size of K-mart.  K-mart was considered state-of-the-art when it came to discount retailing.  Yet Wal-Mart had something K-mart did not have, the discipline to meet every Saturday morning to report, reflect, and plan. Wal-Mart executives were living John Read more →

4 Steps to Getting Others to Buy In to Your Vision

  People do not at first follow worthy causes.  They follow worthy leaders whose causes they believe in. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. One of my clients worked hard to raise money to fund his business vision. Investors were skeptical, but he Read more →

Transforming Managers into Leaders