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Transforming Managers Into Leaders

Leadership Strategy

What is the Power of Purpose?

What is your organization’s purpose? If you can’t answer that question – stop reading right now and click over to this post.  You have to know your purpose before you can make real progress. Do you understand it? Are you communicating it?  More importantly, do your people understand Read more →

What to do When You Need New Leaders

You lead a team.   You have specific goals and are committed to reaching your organization’s full potential. You know you cannot do it alone.  You know you need others who have the same vision, energy and enthusiasm for the mission. How do you instill in your team the Read more →

How to Develop an Effective Sales Plan

  A critical function in every organization is the sales team.  Whether you sell widgets or provide a service, if you aren’t consistently bringing on new clients, you’ll eventually cease to be in business. However, sales should be about more than just acquiring new clients;  sales is the Read more →

Using Objective Data to Select the Right Talent

Has this ever happened to you? You interview dozens of candidates for a position.  After serious thought and consideration, you hire a person who you believe will be a great fit with hopes they will turn out to be a superstar. Then 90 days, later you are terminating Read more →

Transforming Managers into Leaders