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What have you done lately that made you uncomfortable?

  About this time last year, I published a blog talking about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone.  It was shortly after I had my first skydiving experience – and that was definitely outside of my comfort zone! As we shift gears into fall and back-to-school, I Read more →

Overcoming Challenges – 5 Steps to Achieving through Believing

    Think about the last time you took on a new goal or were faced with a new challenge.  Did you start out believing you would succeed, or expecting to fail?  Did you believe you could overcome the obstacles or did you start out expecting to succumb Read more →

Three Ways Geometric Growth can Impact Your Team

Little steps add up to big progress.  Small improvements can lead to exponential growth. In this week’s video, Mark explains how applying Jay Abraham’s theory of “geometric growth” can impact your team – whether your goals are sales or revenue based or productivity based.  Watch the video and Read more →

Five Steps for Turning Frustrated Customers into Happy Customers

Every organization will have the opportunity to turn a frustrated customer into a happy customer.  How you respond when your customers are frustrated can mean the difference between lost customers and building long-term, die-hard fan, loyal customers.  Try these five steps to turn around  a frustrated customer. Download Read more →

Transforming Managers into Leaders