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Transforming Managers Into Leaders

Leadership Strategy

Is your team resilient?

Business leaders today face major uncertainties. The pace of change dictates that organizations be resilient. Business leaders may not be able to control or even predict the challenges they will face, but they can control the quality of the teams they build. The winning teams will be made Read more →

Are you championing execution?

Leaders always find a way to win. Leaders inspire their followers to turn their vision into reality. One way they do this by championing execution. Champion execution by mastering the following: Creating Momentum Momentum is magic. Everything is easier when you have momentum. Momentum starts with massive action, Read more →

Three Steps to Leveraging Cadence to Drive Change

What if a system existed that would help you make major progress in any area of your business or your life?  Would you want to know more about it?  Would you use it? The good news is, that system does exist!  When put into place in your daily Read more →

3 Questions that Drive Innovation

Innovation is the “process of improvement by transforming a future vision into today’s reality”. A great example is what Apple did with ear phones with the roll out of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7’s most controversial innovation was the wireless headphones known as AirPods.  It became controversial Read more →

Transforming Managers into Leaders