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Are You Delivering on Your Brand Promise?

  This past Thursday, I awoke to a chilly morning in Pittsburgh, PA.  I made my way blearily to the coffee pot but when I turned the faucet handle, no water came out. When I checked in, I noticed a sign stating the water would be off in Read more →

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Gazelle?

A “gazelle” is a company doubling revenues a minimum of every four years from a minimum revenue base of $100,000. That doesn’t mean all gazelles are small…Apple became a gazelle when it introduced the iPod in 2001 after being in business for 25 years. “I’m always amazed how Read more →

CEOs: Three Things Your Middle Management Must Do

CEOs of growth companies need mid-level leaders who deliver results, take accountability, make effective decisions, and proactively solve problems.  Your middle managers should strive to free you and your executive team to focus on the things only you can and should do: Nurture your culture – the identity Read more →

The Magnetic Power of Identity

In 2005, Ashley Smith was taken captive and held for seven hours by alleged rapist, Brian Nichols.  Nichols had escaped from jail after overpowering a guard and shooting three people dead, including the judge. Armed and dangerous, he was now in Ashley Smith’s apartment with a gun to Read more →

Transforming Managers into Leaders