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Absolutely worth the time.  A great chance to realign our life to what we might have lost sight of.

David B.
Client Service Leader

Mark’s ability to connect with his audience and present the material succinctly and persuasively [would lead me to recommend this workshop to others].

George A.
Client Service Leader

Extremely engaging session with great tools and information.

Valerie L.
Client Service Associate

Great workshop!  Be prepared to participate, share and dig deep to get the most out of your experience.

Amber M.
Client Management

I have attended other leadership development seminars and Mark’s approach has a true to life human component.  Practical and simplified and easy to immediately identify with.

Tarisha J.
Client Service Leader

I am inspired!  Before this workshop I thought I was a good leader but now I am going to go for the gold!

Robbie G.
Payroll Manager

This workshop is extremely helpful in being an effective leader with a desire to produce results.

Karen A.
Account Manager

I love the information and delivery!

Tonia H.
Recruiting Lead

Makes me more aware of how what I do as a leader impacts the performance.

Teresa R.

[Love this program for] the outcome at the end of the program and truly seeing direct results from the program.

Nicole M.
Director of Recruiting

Great opportunity for team as well as personal awareness growth and education.  Very fulfilling and worth the investment of time and money.

Tabitha T.
Director of Managed Accounts

[This workshop is a] great team building and learning opportunity.

Linda D.
Senior HR

By asking all to participate in the engagement exercises, the knowledge base for everyone is expanded…new avenues of thought.

Vendor Relations Coordinator

I really liked the interaction between speaker and attendees.  Loved the workshop…felt it kept us engaged.

RuthAnne H.
Underwriting Manager

This was great and incredibly informative!  Definitely needed this knowledge.

Racyhl H.
Regional Service Specialist

[This workshop will] help me have better ideas to deal with customers and think outside the box.

Shanon D.
Onboarding Specialist

Great session.  Thank you!

Ethan A.
Senior Manager

This training program helped me dig deeper into my self to be a better, more positive leader.

Cameron C.
Regional Service Specialist

Great session.  It is hard to engage a room full of type A’s, but you certainly succeeded.  I have a greater sense of awareness and technique.  Excited to try some new techniques.

Tabitha K.
Client Service Leader

I enjoyed this workshop and have learned some very valuable techniques that will help me become more successful in any role present and future.  I appreciate that [my company] invested in this type of “learning/training” for me and my fellow team mates.  The every other weekly call was a great place to get feedback from Mark and your peers.  Personally, I truly enjoyed the calls so much that I didn’t want to graduate! Mark brings so much value to these classes and is invested in each student and their personal success.  Thank you so much and I hope that I have future opportunities to participate in more learning opportunities.

Shari D.
Client Service Leader

I really enjoyed [learning] about having tough conversations and how to conduct them and be effective to make the work environment better.

Jenny D.
Client service Leader

Great content; extremely interactive; speaker/facilitator was knowledgeable and kept it entertaining and informative.

David J.
Senior Service Executive

Content/material.  Great leadership discussion.  Not only back to basics but explores how to take to the next level.

Joe M.
Operations Director

Good workshop for developing leaders.  [Perfect for] folks making transition from manager to leader.

Al W.
Senior Vice President

Gives me more tools to become more efficient and more purposeful in my actions.

Chris P.
Service Executive

Valuable information; great team building.

Gina S.
Service Executive

Mark’s training is always centered around practical application.  The stories always provide context and allow leaders to apply principles immediately.  It will be the best leadership training you attend!

Retha P.
Director of OPerations

Outstanding job tying academic theory to practical.  Well thought out examples.  Brilliant delivery and facilitation.

Charles F.
Vice President of Operations

Very informative.  Lots of insight on the raving fan culture.

Melissa J.
Bank Officer

Motivational but on a practical basis!

Cathy K.
VP of Client Relations

I think you give innovative, outside the box information for creating change within a company and also personally.

Kristen H.
Business Development Director

I never have looked for the emotional need of a client as a way to serve.  Eye opening.

Frank B.
Director of Operations

[The workshop helped] me to understand how important a raving fan client is.  Helped me think about the road blocks and also what we are already doing right.

Kyle V.

I absolutely believe this class was the most successful professional thing I did [this year]. I want to take all that I learned and apply it so it becomes second nature, and all comes naturally. I am so appreciative of the time and investment, because I think everyone grew so much as leaders, it helped us to understand the other managers and made us become a unit. Thank you for everything!

Rolanda J.
Payroll Manager

Mark is so knowledgeable on all of the content and encourages you to look at things from a different perspective to find a solution.

Nichole A.
Events Manager

Gained more confidence in my abilities as a leader and learned areas of opportunity for growth.

Alisa N.

Very informative and engaging.  Easy tips to follow and great results.

Kevin H.
Director of Marketing

Helped my Leadership Lid rise tremendously.

Steve W.
Manager of Customer Success

This has been a very positive experience for me.  It has inspired me to evaluate myself and my leadership traits.  I’m looking forward to learning more about myself which will help me to better understand and connect with others.

Sandra H.
Solutions Consultant

Creates an environment of thinking outside the box and true development.  Insightful and builds understanding of yourself and others.  Helps you to identify areas where even small change can accomplish true growth.

Linda D.
Senior HR Director

Great program to help with self-identification and accountability.  Will really help you determine where your best leadership traits are hiding!

Tabitha T.
Director of Managed Accounts

Mark is very knowledgeable and delivers the information in a positive, interactive, enjoyable and understandable manner…impactful!

Cristi D.
Director of Sales

Contents discussed were engaging.  If you are looking to become more confident in your own personal growth and your committed to your organization and change this is a fantastic course/workshop.

Nichole M.
Director of Recruiting

Very motivating…gives a “breath” of fresh air to help inspire my team.  It’s worth the time to help you to be a better you!

Robbie G.
Payroll Manager

The workshop is structured to engage the team.  The discussion promoted cohesiveness with the team.


Michelle S.
Lead Recruiter

Credibility – Mark you are very believable.  You have confidence in your message and clearly are rooted in understanding the reality that we work with people.

Bridget S.
Account General Manager

[Loved the] personal stories.  Excellent workshop – highly recommend.

Sanjay K.
Technical Account Manager

Good thought provoking insights in very short period of time.

Lexy G.
Sales Operations Director

When talking about pleasing clients, this is the first seminar I’ve been to that emphasized employees – creating a raving fan culture within.

Karen W.
Office Manager

I plan on taking to the company leaders immediately to implement some of these changes.  My company can use many of the opportunities discussed. Such an encouraging and motivating session…I look forward to attending more.

Kristen H.
Business Development Director

I enjoyed the series [at the Dallas Business Journal] greatly.  I found nuggets of things I can and have implemented in my business.

Tod W.

All the things you spoke about are things and ideas and points that I really buy into and want others to as well.  Can’t wait to hear more from Rise and learn from you.

Lexy W.
Account Executive

The workshop is well put together with relevant content that is easy to implement.  Thanks for another thought provoking session.

Gretchen M.
Chief Creative Strategist

[Loved the] exciting innovative ideas that are packaged in a relate-able and easy to understand presentation.

Kyle V.

Overall the seminars have given me tools and frequent coaching to improve my leadership skills.

Jim A.
Executive Director, Payroll Services

[I loved the] very upbeat and positive way the content was shared.  Great presentation!

Barb F.
Senior Business Development Analyst

[The workshop provided] good thought provoking insights in very short period of time.

Lexy G.
Sales Operations Director

Mark has been invaluable in helping us improve the quality and performance of our sales teams. We rely heavily on his ability to pin point and measure the critical traits that correlate to performance and advise us on the nuances of the candidates we are considering for hire and promotion.

Brent D. Boles

Great presentation for self-motivation for personal leadership growth and organizational growth.

Kimberly Z.
Regional Trainer

The points he made were really good and made me look at situations differently.

Andrea L.
Property Manager

Enjoyed the real life examples and enthusiasm of speaker.  Very engaging.

Teresa R.

Real action items that an employee at any level can put into play.

John M.
Sales Rep.

When talking about pleasing clients, this is the first seminar I’ve been to that emphasized employees – creating a raving fan culture within.

Karen W.
Office Manager

Great feedback on what the world is changing to.  I am excited for the change that needs to happen now.

Luke R.

Very thought provoking and inspirational.

Cathy K.
Vice President, Property Management

Excellent content.  Extremely engaging for our particular industry.  Mark was excellent in relating personally with our team.

Lori D.
Regional Property Manager

Loved the stories and practical examples to use at my work.

Kathryn E.
Marketing Director

The wealth of information provided and the relevance of it in today’s business.  Open dialogue was great.

Hayley R.
Marketing Manager

All the things you spoke about are things and ideas and points that I really buy into and want others to as well.

Lexi W.
Account Executive

This workshop is just what I need and want so I can improve and build upon my leadership skills.

Jodie J.
Senior Treasury Analyst

Great energy, knowledge, interesting

Robbie G.
Payroll Manager

Great feedback on what the world is changing to.  I am excited for the change that needs to happen now.

Luke R.

Provides communication tools to help influence people to engage and understand my role.

Tim H.
Client Service Director

I’ll be better at reaching out to clients generally a part from specific issues/projects to be sure I’m addressing what they regard as their emotional/relationship needs.

Matt A.

[It] can literally change your life!

Matt T.

[I appreciated] that you said “create even more” instead of assuming that we are not doing our job.

Johanna R.
Property Manager

Thank you so much Mark!  It definitely exceeded my expectation in every way.  We will have you back again and I can’t wait to share you with many friends and colleagues.

Lori D.
Regional Property Manager

Tremendous enthusiasm from the presenter, which was infectious

Leigh H.
Senior Enablement Director

It provided real life information that I can apply immediately.

Gabe N.
Regional Client Executive

Great presentation.  All content was valuable and the exercises associated with the content turned it from an idea to a practice.

Chase R.
Client Manager

[The workshop gave me] real action items that an employee at any level can put into play.

John M.
Sales Rep.

It was kick-ass!

Linda D.
Manager of Directed Payroll

I have 25 years of management experience but I did learn quite a few new things!

Pam W.
Director, Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

Worth the investment of time; provides actionable tools that you can use right away; great refresher to invigorate leaders.

Randy B.
Vice President

Great team building, assessments provide great insight to you as a person and leader.

Kent F.
VP, Performance and Practice Management

It’s very informative.  I have learned a lot in just one course.

Katrina L.
Contact Center Manager

This is a great practical leadership training that allows you to immediately apply the practices learned.

Retha P.

Excellent content.  Extremely engaging for our particular industry.  Mark was excellent in relating personally with our team.

Lori D.
Regional Property Manager

Fabulous workshop!  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Becky W.
Administrative Assistant

You not only learn who you are and can be as a leader and/or individual, but also how you can help others to bring out their strengths.

Margaret G.
Project Leader

It was very eye opening and empowering.  If you are willing to search within yourself and improve who you are you will become a better leader.

Mindy S.
Contact Center Manager

This session has helped me provide a focal point for what I’d like to achieve and the messaging I’d like to communicate.

Kyle S.
Regional Client Executive

There were a lot of principles presented that seem basic yet we all think we are pretty good at doing but aren’t.  I thought I was a pretty good listener then found out that was one of my weaknesses.  It gave me the tools to help me connect quickly with clients and start building that level of trust I need in order to do my job well.

Richard W.
Client Service Leader

I think this will add much value to our client management work.  I’m thankful for Mark’s expertise and his sharing them with us!

Matt C.
Client Service Leader

[H]elps me frame my message as trustworthy.  Reminded me of the importance of emotion when dealing with people; brand promise is key to creating and controlling the narrative.  Excellent presentation and combination of teaching and allowing interactive learning.

Richard T.
Client Service Director

Mark used lots of great stories to create power in getting his points across.  More importantly, he gave us practical applications to use immediately.

Kyle S.
Client Service Director

I really enjoyed the session.  I [am a new] a manager and I truly believe the tools Mark is providing will equip me for success and guide me down the right path.  Thank you Mark!

Candice H.
Benefits Service Manager

Awesome.  Great seminar.  This is 1 of the best leadership seminars I’ve ever attended.

Noor K.
Information Technology

Very good reminder of what we should be doing every day to be successful!

Lee W.

Will take away to make the importance of follow through; believe and live by the branch process.  Mark, your sessions have been great!  Thanks so much!

Sheri D.
Client Service Leader

This session gave me insight on things that I hadn’t thought of before.

Sheri D.
Client Service Leader

It was a joy to work for Mark. Mark is creative, driven, articulate, professional in all manner, and an excellent role model. Mark started the Inside Sales team at Giga Information Group, while accountable for his territory team. Mark exemplified leadership, and a commitment to excellence both in his professional and personal life. He pumps you up…but keeps you there.

Lee Greenspan
Sales Operations Manager

I reported to Mark for 4 years and his enthusiasm and drive are contagious. His professionalism, work ethic, and dedication are traits I try to emulate. I honestly can say that I would not be the sales professional I am today without his help.

Mike Buss
Account Director