3 Critical Skills for a First-Time Manager and Leader

  Congratulations!  You were just promoted to your first management position.  Mastering the skills of casting vision, gaining influence, and serving people will position you as the leader your team will respect and most importantly follow. Vision –  Your people will have power in the present when they have faith in the future.  Leaders take […]

In the era of Donald Trump does character still matter?

  As Stormy Daniels, the Mueller Investigation and Russian probes unfold in the media it has caused me to ponder the role of character in leadership. The belief that character makes trust possible and trust makes leadership possible is foundational.  Effectiveness is measured by your ability to get people to follow you.  Followers must put […]

The Importance of Relationships in Business

  Many employees question their job security at their current company.  They believe that no matter how much time and effort they put into their job, they may still be seen as expendable should the business encounter any financial difficulties.  As a leader, it is important that you develop the type of relationship with your […]

5 Tips to Get Your Message Heard

The measure of a great communicator is not what he or she knows, it’s what those they want to influence know.  If you are seeking buy-in for your vision, your goals, or your message it all starts with clearly communicating the information. Studies show that we are exposed to as many as 10,000 marketing messages […]

To Improve Execution, Focus on What You Can Control

business working execution

  According to recent studies by the Gallop Organization, lack of employee engagement is costing many companies anywhere from 15% to 50% of payroll. That means while employees are paid 100% of their pay and benefits, anywhere from 15% to 50% of that money can be considered as wasted from an employer point of view.  […]

Becoming a Trusted Advisor – 6 Principles to Master

What is a Trusted Advisor? A trusted advisor is one who has the ability to identify, understand and anticipate a client’s most important needs and their unique situation and most importantly deliver problem-solving capabilities that create peace of mind. Becoming a Trusted Advisor Becoming a Trusted Advisor isn’t an overnight process. There are many pieces […]

5 Factors that Cause Others to Listen

I spent the last several days at the National Speakers Association (NSA) Influence 2017 Annual Conference.  I met, networked, and strategized with some great thought leaders who are making a significant impact on a global scale. One thing this experience confirmed for me is that the size of your influence is in direct proportion to […]

Do you love the people you influence?

How do you feel about the people you influence?  Let’s back up a step.  Do you know who you influence?  It may not be something you’ve thought much about, but you DO influence people.  They may be the people on your team or they could be customers you serve or suppliers you deal with. With […]