Do you know how to leverage strengths to reach potential?

Know Thyself ~ Inscribed at the temple wall at Delphi in Greece during the sixth century BC   Can you imagine the insanity of taking a Ferrari off-road to a mudding competition? Or the lunacy of driving a Jeep in a road race? Each of these automobiles has unique strengths and distinct weaknesses.  When put […]

Using Objective Data to Select the Right Talent

Using Objective Data to Select the Right Talent

Has this ever happened to you? You interview dozens of candidates for a position.  After serious thought and consideration, you hire a person who you believe will be a great fit with hopes they will turn out to be a superstar. Then 90 days, later you are terminating that person. Or worse yet, you hang […]

Mark Fenner Joins John Maxwell’s Certified Leadership Training Team

Mark Fenner is now certified by the John Maxwell Company to coach, mentor, and teach a range of Maxwell leadership principles.  Maxwell’s philosophy and principles will be an integral part of Rise Performance Group’s talent management services. From acquiring talent to developing leaders, companies of all sizes can create powerful and productive leadership teams at […]

Mark Fenner to Point Way to ‘True Leadership’ at Credit Union League’s Leadership Conference

  DALLAS, August 20, 2013 – Creating leaders at every level of a credit union is a definite way to achieve success for the organization. That’s the message Mark Fenner, president of Rise Performance Group, will bring to the Cornerstone Credit Union League Leadership Conference and Expo September 5-7 in San Antonio, Texas. Fenner, whose […]

Why Do Good People Underperform?

By Mark Fenner Why Do Good People Underperform? For a new hire, you may now be wondering what you saw in that person in the first place. For existing staffers, there may be a change for the worse in their performance, and you’re puzzling over why. There are a few general reasons why someone is […]

TDECU Embraces Rise Performance Group Assessment Tools to Enhance Hiring, Job Moves

DALLAS, July 29, 2013 – TDECU, one of Texas’ largest credit unions, is now using powerful job candidate assessment tools from Rise Performance Group in its insurance and investment divisions, to optimize its hiring and internal promotion and transfer decisions. TDECU, the largest credit union in the Houston area, serves 170,000 members through 32 branches […]

It’s Time for a People Inventory

By Mark Fenner It’s Time for a People Inventory Taking inventory is something a lot of businesses do monthly, or at least annually. They log what’s on the shelves, what’s in the warehouse, which items are hot sellers, and which ones are not. But what most businesses need to do – and they don’t – […]

Should You Hire a Superstar

By Mark Fenner Every once in a while, an opportunity comes along for a company to hire someone who looks like a “superstar.” This person has a great reputation in the industry, a great track record, and for whatever reason, they’re on the market at the same time you’re looking to fill a key position. […]

Becoming a Leader that People Want to Follow

By Jason Ingram One of the great debates about leadership centers on whether leaders are born or made. A 2012 study by Biola University in Los Angeles found that “the majority of researchers today believe that the origins of leadership go beyond genes and family to other sources. Work experiences, hardship, opportunity, education, role models, […]

More than Management: The Secret to Extraordinary Leadership

By Aoife Gorey We live in a results-based world. We’re judged by what we produce and what we contribute to our families, organizations, and communities. In recent years, there’s been a lot of focus on developing management skills, because we’re told that good management skills produce good results. Although this is not untrue, it’s not […]