You Must Give Up to Go Up

In the mid-1970s Wal-Mart was only a fraction of the size of K-mart.  K-mart was considered state-of-the-art when it came to discount retailing.  Yet Wal-Mart had something K-mart did not have, the discipline to meet every Saturday morning to report, reflect, and plan. Wal-Mart executives were living John Maxwell’s Law of Sacrifice.  They were willing […]

4 Steps to Getting Others to Buy In to Your Vision

  People do not at first follow worthy causes.  They follow worthy leaders whose causes they believe in. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. One of my clients worked hard to raise money to fund his business vision. Investors were skeptical, but he persisted and was successful. When the company […]

The Importance of Relationships in Business

  Many employees question their job security at their current company.  They believe that no matter how much time and effort they put into their job, they may still be seen as expendable should the business encounter any financial difficulties.  As a leader, it is important that you develop the type of relationship with your […]

5 Tips to Get Your Message Heard

The measure of a great communicator is not what he or she knows, it’s what those they want to influence know.  If you are seeking buy-in for your vision, your goals, or your message it all starts with clearly communicating the information. Studies show that we are exposed to as many as 10,000 marketing messages […]

How Does a Leader Discipline a Team Member?

intentional conversation

  Shovel the Pile Early How do you build a motivated team?  Hire motivated people and relentlessly remove demotivating factors. A common demotivating factor is tolerating C players.  Good leaders turn B players into A players and immediately deal with anyone who is, or might become, a C player. They do this by confronting non-compliance […]

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Gazelle?

A “gazelle” is a company doubling revenues a minimum of every four years from a minimum revenue base of $100,000. That doesn’t mean all gazelles are small…Apple became a gazelle when it introduced the iPod in 2001 after being in business for 25 years. “I’m always amazed how overnight successes take a helluva long time.” […]

CEOs: Three Things Your Middle Management Must Do

CEOs of growth companies need mid-level leaders who deliver results, take accountability, make effective decisions, and proactively solve problems.  Your middle managers should strive to free you and your executive team to focus on the things only you can and should do: Nurture your culture – the identity and mindset of your organization. Refine your […]

The Magnetic Power of Identity

In 2005, Ashley Smith was taken captive and held for seven hours by alleged rapist, Brian Nichols.  Nichols had escaped from jail after overpowering a guard and shooting three people dead, including the judge. Armed and dangerous, he was now in Ashley Smith’s apartment with a gun to her head. When asked later about that […]

How to Free Up Your Executive Team for Strategic Planning

Time is the scarcest resource we have – especially when at the executive level. Too often, executives find their schedules filled with inconsequential items that could be better handled by others. They spend valuable time addressing problems that should never have reached them in the first place. In fact, it’s estimated that top management spends […]