How Can You Narrow Your Focus?

A recent survey showed that TWO out of every FIVE employees did not understand their company’s goals.  Clarity is crucial to helping your team win.  Imagine the productivity that could be gained in your team, department or organization just by getting everyone aligned and in tune with your goals. In this week’s video, Mark gives […]

What have you done lately that made you uncomfortable?

  About this time last year, I published a blog talking about the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone.  It was shortly after I had my first skydiving experience – and that was definitely outside of my comfort zone! As we shift gears into fall and back-to-school, I just stepped out of my personal comfort […]

Five Critical Factors that Inspire Your Millennial Workforce

  One of the most common questions we get from our clients is:  How do you inspire your millennial workforce? This week, I want to give you five factors that really influence millennials and how they respond to your organization.  I think you’ll find these factors aren’t really that different from what of us want. Purpose […]

Three Ways Geometric Growth can Impact Your Team

Little steps add up to big progress.  Small improvements can lead to exponential growth. In this week’s video, Mark explains how applying Jay Abraham’s theory of “geometric growth” can impact your team – whether your goals are sales or revenue based or productivity based.  Watch the video and then download the worksheet to see how Geometric […]

Five Steps for Turning Frustrated Customers into Happy Customers

Every organization will have the opportunity to turn a frustrated customer into a happy customer.  How you respond when your customers are frustrated can mean the difference between lost customers and building long-term, die-hard fan, loyal customers.  Try these five steps to turn around  a frustrated customer. Download the 5 Steps to Happier Customers. Ready […]

Four Principles for Creating a Leadership Mindset

  Most executives agree that 80% of success comes down to psychology – your mind set – your attitude.  In this week’s video, Mark introduces four principles you can model, teach and reinforce to create a leadership mindset in your organization. Everything rises and falls on leadership (ownership) The true measure of leadership is influence. […]

Are You Modeling the Behaviors You Want to See in Your Team

Are You Modeling the Behaviors You want to See in Your Team-

   If you think you’re leading and nobody is following, maybe you’re just taking a walk. ~ Chinese Proverb That Chinese Proverb is always great for a chuckle during a leadership workshop.  But the truth is, if you’re the one who’s leading with no one following, there’s nothing funny about it.  Building trust, creating influence […]

Three Tips for Creating Die-Hard Fans


    In today’s fast-paced, always-online environment it’s more critical than ever that we create a strong base of die-hard fan clients and die-hard fan employees.  Our always connected society gives our customers and employees immediate access to options, and if we’re not taking care of them they will find someone who will. Regardless of […]

Stop Trying to Make People Feel Valued

stop trying to make people feel valued

    I have a challenge for you:  Starting today, stop trying to make others feel valuable.  Now that challenge could go several different directions, so let me add the emphasis:  stop trying to make others feel valued. Instead, know that others are valued. Feels completely different doesn’t it? One of my favorite quotes came […]