Four Questions that can Transform Performance Reviews

What is your goal when you conduct a performance review?  Do your people leave inspired or do they leave feeling beat down? If you are like a lot of leaders you may not look forward to this process.  If you rely on an annual performance review, the process is often taxing and rarely inspiring. That […]

3 Critical Skills for a First-Time Manager and Leader

  Congratulations!  You were just promoted to your first management position.  Mastering the skills of casting vision, gaining influence, and serving people will position you as the leader your team will respect and most importantly follow. Vision –  Your people will have power in the present when they have faith in the future.  Leaders take […]

In the era of Donald Trump does character still matter?

  As Stormy Daniels, the Mueller Investigation and Russian probes unfold in the media it has caused me to ponder the role of character in leadership. The belief that character makes trust possible and trust makes leadership possible is foundational.  Effectiveness is measured by your ability to get people to follow you.  Followers must put […]

The Importance of Relationships in Business

  Many employees question their job security at their current company.  They believe that no matter how much time and effort they put into their job, they may still be seen as expendable should the business encounter any financial difficulties.  As a leader, it is important that you develop the type of relationship with your […]

4 Pillars of Leadership

  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Successful leaders understand the importance of strengthening these four pillars of leadership: Accountability.  Not only do leaders have to cast (bold) vision, they have to gain buy-in to that vision, and then create a culture of accountability to that vision.  Leaders know how to find a way rather […]

3 Steps CEO’s Must Take Now to Improve Strategy

  Is your organization growing at the rate of your vision? If not, one of the following is most likely the barrier: • Leadership – Everything rises and falls on leadership. • People – Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team? • Strategy – If leadership and people are not the barrier, then it […]

3 Questions that Drive Innovation

Innovation is the “process of improvement by transforming a future vision into today’s reality”. A great example is what Apple did with ear phones with the roll out of the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7’s most controversial innovation was the wireless headphones known as AirPods.  It became controversial when Apple announced this particular innovation called […]

3 Keys to Creating an Aligned Organization

You’re the leader of a strong team. You have a great idea. It’s backed by a bold vision. But are those things enough for your team to reach their true potential?  For YOU to reach your true potential? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  There is another critical component:  alignment. No matter how great the idea […]