4 Ways to Boost Influence as the Chief Meaning Officer

  Are you a Chief Meaning Officer?  As a leader, you should be.  Watch Jack and Suzy Welch describe why it’s important to be a CMO in this brief interview with Adam Grant: The role of a leader provides an opportunity to serve as Chief Meaning Officer, especially in times of change, but also during […]

Don’t Let An Impasse Slow Your Workplace Productivity

Have you ever been at an impasse over an idea or concept with someone on your team—or even your boss? These kinds of conflicts can jam up workflow and slow productivity. We were just working with a client that brought this very situation to us. He said, “Mark, we are about three months into this […]

Leaders: 4 Steps To Getting Your Team’s Buy-In

Have you ever had issues with getting your team to buy in to your vision? As leaders, this can be really frustrating. We have ideas that will impact the bottom line—but only if we can get our team on board. Challenge: Team Buy-In Leaders are about change. Leaders have vision. Leaders need to influence their […]

What Are The Kansas City Royals Teaching Us About Leadership and Building a Great Culture?

The Kansas City Royals blazed through the ALCS to the World Series, after sweeping the Orioles almost exactly 29 years after winning their last pennant. This polar shift can teach us a great deal about building and leading a culture that breeds success in your organization. The Royals are coming off of a 29-YEAR losing […]

Your Golden Opportunity Within the Current Crisis

  Who can you trust? Not politicians. Not Congressmen. Not General Motors. Not the head of IRS. And, forgive us, but not even the President of the United States if you read the polls. There is a resounding theme in news reports these days, and it is “Integrity”. Unfortunately, it has emerged because there are […]

How to Communicate Leadership in Just a Few Words

How to communicate leadership in just a few words describes Dave Lesh. Lesh was President Dallas Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization from July 2012 – June 2013.  He served a one year term as President after two prior one year board seats as both the Learning and Sponsorship chairperson of this amazing organization.  The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is […]

How to Turn a Vision into a Reality You Can Experience

How to turn a vision into a reality you can experience speaks to leadership.  That’s according to Mark Fenner and Bob Kaplitz of the Rise Performance Group, a leadership development company. They invite you to listen to a short excerpt of a 2014 keynote address from the leader in the field of movie making, technology, […]

How to Lead with a Persuasive Story

How to lead with a persuasive story starts with capturing the “right story.” KEY POINTS Crucial elements include plot, characters, and narrative point of view. The story should communicate in an engaging way what makes you or your company most valuable, i.e. a LEADERSHIP culture. Keep it short to ensure your audience is engaged. Use […]

Coach John Wooden’s Best Leadership Advice

Coach John Wooden’s best advice in Bob Kaplitz’ CBS station TV interview in the early 1970s was:  “Perform at your best when your best is required.  Your best is required each day.” Kaplitz said what impressed him the most was how unassuming, quiet, and spiritual the coach was  Call it “understated” when he was away […]

How to Become a Leader in Video Email Marketing

How to Become a Leader in Video Email Marketing is a matter of developing a strategy, then implementing it. Schellie Mendes, a sales person for Regus Office Solutions, has done just that.  How often do you get an email text follow-up from a sales person?  But how often do you get one on video? It […]