Does your team know the score?

Does your team know the score?

  Before a team heads into a game, a good coach defines priorities. These are activities that can be controlled by the players, are measurable, and are strong predictors of ultimate success.  In football, these might be to establish the running game, double-team the opponent’s star receiver, and avoid turnovers. As the game progresses, the […]

Resolve – Unlocking the Power of New Year’s Resolutions


Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word “resolution”?  According to it means the act of resolving or determining upon an action, course of action, method, procedure, etc.  Personally, when I think of resolving I think of it as cutting off all other options. The challenge is that rarely do people actually resolve and then cut off all other options when setting New Year’s Resolutions. […]

How to Turn a Vision into a Reality You Can Experience

How to turn a vision into a reality you can experience speaks to leadership.  That’s according to Mark Fenner and Bob Kaplitz of the Rise Performance Group, a leadership development company. They invite you to listen to a short excerpt of a 2014 keynote address from the leader in the field of movie making, technology, […]

Why Do Good People Underperform?

By Mark Fenner Why Do Good People Underperform? For a new hire, you may now be wondering what you saw in that person in the first place. For existing staffers, there may be a change for the worse in their performance, and you’re puzzling over why. There are a few general reasons why someone is […]

It’s Time for a People Inventory

By Mark Fenner It’s Time for a People Inventory Taking inventory is something a lot of businesses do monthly, or at least annually. They log what’s on the shelves, what’s in the warehouse, which items are hot sellers, and which ones are not. But what most businesses need to do – and they don’t – […]

The HR Trends You Need to Know for 2013

By Diamond Richardson HR professionals will see major changes in their job functions in 2013, even if their job title remains the same. In an article for, Ron Ashkenas wrote about how the HR profession is in the middle of a major transition that will change the direction of HR goals and the work […]

2012’s Most-Hated Companies

By Aoife Gorey 2012 saw a multitude of news stories in the corporate business world from Yahoo’s leadership challenges and Facebook’s IPO to plummeting stocks and growing tech giants. Unemployment dropped to its lowest rate in four years reaching 7.8 percent. Regardless of industry, millions of organizations have faced their fair share of challenges in […]

Millennials Value Flexibility over Salary in Careers

By Diamond Richardson When it comes to company size, bigger is not always better for many millennials. Members of Generation Y, as they are also called, prefer working at small companies and startups over large, established companies with a traditional culture. According to a PayScale study, 47 percent of millennials work at a company with […]

Top 10 Workplace Trends of 2012- Part 2

By Aoife Gorey All organizations are different, big and small, public and private, but for all workforces, the fourth quarter of the fiscal year can be quite frightening. Some teams struggle to nail down a strategy plan for the coming year while others strive to reach that seemingly impossible end-of-year sales goal. Did you know […]

Leave the Idea, Bring the Skill Set: The Advent of Acqui-Hiring

By Diamond Richardson For many software developers and engineers, the dream differs from reality. The dream: graduate from college and create an innovative startup. The reality: an increasingly competitive environment, where many ideas fail to take off, leaving financial disarray and shattered confidence. Enter the phenomenon of acqui-hiring– the practice of large companies spending millions to […]