The President of Rise Performance Group, Mark Fenner knows leaders and the contexts they need to grow – and has a unique ability to create the conditions needed to deliver a material change in performance.

A John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Mark is certified in Wiley’s PXT Select, and CheckPoint 360 leadership assessments as well as Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Combining this training with decades of on-the-ground experience, Mark has helped hundreds of organizations shape their workforce into word-class leaders, transform clients into die-hard fans and build cultures that eat strategies for breakfast.  Mark is first and foremost about improving performance.

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I believe there is a dearth of good leaders in our companies, schools and society as a whole today.  There are too many people who are looking for the leader rather than rising up and becoming the leader.  At Rise Performance Group, we are passionate about changing that.  People will not passionately follow someone because they are told to follow them – they will, however, passionately follow someone because they respect that person and feel the mission is worthy of their own leadership ability.  We are all called to leadership; we are all created to be leaders.  Every individual has leadership potential that needs to be cultivated and unleashed.  These individuals need guidance, direction and coaching so they can elevate their leadership abilities and own their identity as a leader. ~ Mark Fenner

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Mark believes that people are the lifeblood of your organization. Selecting and engaging the right talent drives outcomes that can be measured in your bottom line.

Mark has spent three decades honing these insights into actionable tactics that deliver results. He’s created, built and led high performing teams – each time refining his instincts about the driving factors behind great leadership and backing them up with metrics.

Mark’s success in building exceptionally high performing sales and leadership teams in the technology industry is making him a mainstay of the speaking circuit and the leadership consultant of choice for high-innovation organizations.


Mark has an uncanny aptitude for understanding target audiences and their needs. With that understanding comes an instinctive awareness of how to meet, and surpass, those needs.

Clients who are well-served by companies become die-hard fans, recommending you, defending you and sticking with you regardless of your competitors’ efforts to undercut you on price, quality or time-to-market.

In his workshops, seminars and consulting programs, Mark leads organizations through how to create these die-hard fans with client-centered sales programs – building and cementing core audiences who will help sell your products and services for you.


A successful organization is one where the culture creates an identity that demands high standards. Their employees aren’t looking for leaders. They stand up and become them.

Mark has years of experience creating organizational cultures where employees stand behind the organization, its goals and its mission. Because when the structure, cadence and rhythm is right, their innate leadership potential comes to the fore – it simply needs to be unleashed.


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