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A Stacked Approach to Scaling Up

The 16-Hour Growth Plan workshop combines the proven Scaling Up® platform, the expertise of an experienced world-class Scaling Up® coach, and the support of an inspired community of like-minded leaders committed to Scaling Up.

Find out how

Relying on your employees to hit a target they can't see?

Too many business leaders are relying on their employees to hit a target they can't even see.

Imagine trying to shoot quail blindfolded. It doesn't matter how good of a shot you are. You're not going to hit your target.

Do you have a goal and a plan for where you're going? Do the employees in your organization know that plan and know the key thrusts that drive your organization's flywheel? Do you have a strategy and a roadmap for how to get from where you are today to where you'd like to be?

The 16-Hour Growth Plan is a two-day event designed to help you create a plan, align your team, and turn decisions into actions.

Propel your business to sustainable growth

This two-day workshop is designed to equip you and your team with the tools and techniques necessary to take bold, decisive action on the specific activities that will drive your business forward towards your ultimate endgame. Want to know exactly how you'll be spending your time? Click below to view the agenda.
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When teams implement the Scaling Up® tools and techniques presented in this workshop, they often achieve four outcomes:
the rate of cash flow
the industry average profitability
your company's valuation
The executive team and all stakeholders enjoy the climb to the top

For a limited time only, the workshop is being offered at an exclusive price for leaders and organizations wanting to build a solid foundation to scale.

  • Teams of up to 8 attendees can sign up for $4,995
  • Individuals can sign up for $795

If you're not 100% satisfied on the first day, you can return your materials for a full refund guaranteed.

Collaborate with like-minded CEOs

“Implementing the Scaling Up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits was the catalyst that propelled my company, The Miner Corporation, to $500+ million in revenues and 1900 employees. I have worked with several coaches during my journey and Mark Fenner is simply the best. He engages, motivates and inspires results.”

Phil Miner
Founding Partner
SideKick Operators
After two intense days, you'll be ready to take immediate action on the strategic decisions that impact scalability.

Master of the four decisions that fuel scale

Implement the Scaling Up® tools and techniques necessary to propel your organization forward. The workshop is based on four key principles:


Focus the management team on profit improvement and cash generation.


Powers long term growth and pricing power.


Build a culture and systems that attracts, retains, and develops the best people.


Reduce drama by driving down ownership, decision making, and problem solving.

What you can expect

A stacked coaching appraoch

By combining a shared platform (Scaling Up®), a world-class coach, and an aligned peer network, your business will go further faster.

High collision, collaborative environment

Work with leadership teams from other elite, mid-market companies to help you think bigger and act with confidence.

One-page strategic plan and 90-day action plan

Gain alignment in two days using strategic and tactical action items that drive growth.


Evening - Day 0 (CEOs Only)

6:00 pm - Cocktail Reception

6:45 pm - Welcome and Opening Remarks - Mark Fenner

7:00 pm - The Art of the Possible - Phil Miner - Grew a lifestyle business in New Braunfels, TX from lifestyle business to 1,900 employees and more than $500 million in revenues before exiting for more than 1 times revenue.

7:15 pm - Dinner

8:30 pm - Program - Role of CEO (Strategy, Culture/Team and Financial Performance), The Mindset of a Scale Up (the art of the possible) and End Game (Maximizing exit value)

9:30 pm - Adjourn

Day 1

8:30 am - Introductions and Program Overview

9:00 am - Cash

  1. The customer funded business model - How to develop a business model that reduces your reliance on outside financing.
  2. The Seven Financial Levers Management can Control.  Implementing the Power of One to improve profits, cash and enterprise value.
  3. The Ultimate Scoreboard. Developing your Financial Dashboard.
  4. Leveraging Advanced Analytics and Gamification

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Strategy

  1. Envisioned Future - Vivid Vision and BHAG
  2. The Core - Core Purpose, Core Competencies and Economic Engine.
  3. Core Customer. Niche, Core Customer Selection, Customer Analysis
  4. Creating Momentum - Designing your flywheel, your virtuous cycle of success.
  5. X-Factor - Your 10-x Competitive Advantage
  6. Brand Promises, Brand Promise KPIs and Differentiated Activities
  7. Your 3-5 Year Strategy - Targets and Key Thrusts/Capabilities

5:00 pm - Adjourn

6:00 pm - Group Dinners - Attendees will be grouped in the following configurations to facilitate networking.

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Sales and marketing

Day 2

8:00 am - People

  1. Clock Building vs Time Telling - How to build a multigenerational business.
  2. Getting the right people doing the right things right (Functional Accountabilities)
  3. Accountability Framework - Driving down decision making, problem solving and ownership
  4. Documenting your Prospect to Cash Process to go from me to we
  5. Hiring - Attracting and Hiring A-Players
  6. Leadership - The framework for developing your next leaders

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm - Execution

  1. Mastering the Rockefeller Habits
  2. Annual Initiatives, Quarterly Rocks and Priorities
  3. Dashboards - Measure what matters
  4. Meeting Rhythms - When, what and how long.
  5. 90-Day Race - How to leverage
  6. Finish Lines, Fun and Rewards

4:00 pm - Communicating the Plan

5:00 pm - Adjourn

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Learn from a world-class coach

For over 30 years, Mark Fenner’s stacked approach to coaching has inspired CEOs, business owners, and leaders to think bolder and take decisive action on the activities that scale a business. As a certified Scaling Up® Coach, Mark leverages the proven Scaling Up® business framework to help leadership teams overcome roadblocks to sustainable growth. He is also a John Maxwell certified leadership coach and has earned a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation with the National Speakers Association.


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