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Rise Performance Group provides the tools, framework and shift in mindset necessary to scale up. As an extension of your organization, we use energy, humor and stories to get people to think bigger, think bolder and commit to decisions with even more confidence. You will develop the routines necessary to close the gap between deciding and doing.  Scaling Up® Certified Coach Mark Fenner applies a stacked approach to coaching, leaving organizations ready to take action on the strategic activities that scale.

Lead the way with best-in-class performance

Our coaching, training programs, and workshops are designed to provide you with the resources, skills, and knowledge to build a winning organization that takes immediate action on the strategic initiatives that matter.
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Take Your Business to

New Heights

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Meet Mark Fenner

With more than 30 years of leadership experience, Mark has inspired numerous teams to think bigger, dream bolder, and take immediate action. In his journey as a coach, he sees a wide gap between what teams believe they can do versus what they are truly capable of achieving - a gap he aims to close with his stacked approach to coaching.

As a certified Scaling Up® Coach, Mark leverages the proven Scaling Up® business framework to help leadership teams overcome the internal and external constraints to leading their industries. He is also a John Maxwell certified leadership coach and has earned a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation with the National Speakers Association.
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