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Rise Performance Group provides the tools, framework and shift in mindset necessary to scale up. Through the unique combination of a proven methodology, world-class coaching, and an expertly-curated network of leaders, you and your people will think bigger, think bolder, and commit to decisions with more confidence.

Everything we do is designed to provide you with the resources, skills, and knowledge to build a winning organization that takes immediate action on the strategic initiatives that matter.

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About Mark Fenner

Mark Fenner is a force multiplier, growth dynamo, transformative leadership expert, and coach for unstoppable mid-market companies. The mastermind behind RISE Performance Group, Mark’s journey spans more than 25 years as a sales leader in the software, technology, and services industries. In 2011, he founded RISE Performance Group to empower the growth-oriented leaders of mid-market companies to achieve more and give more. With a proven track record in propelling hundreds of organizations to build high-performing cultures, nurture world-class leaders, and push the envelope of profitability, Mark is a sought-after authority in leadership, organizational growth, and excellence.

Mark doesn't just coach; he architects transformations with a game-changing toolkit. As a certified Gazelles coach leveraging the proven Scaling Up – Mastering the Rockefeller Habits growth system, Mark transcends traditional models to offer an unparalleled coaching experience that closes the gap between deciding and doing. Not only is he a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, he is a leading expert on client-centric selling and holds certifications in Wiley’s PXT Select, CheckPoint 360 leadership assessments, Everything DiSC, and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Mark's extensive training and decades of on-the-ground experience have empowered hundreds of organizations to unlock their leadership teams’ potential to achieve unprecedented growth. 

An in-demand speaker, Mark has earned the National Speakers Association prestigious Certified Speaking Professional designation, the speaking profession’s highest earned measure of professional speaking competence. Mark is a frequent contributor to local and national print, digital, and broadcast media outlets including ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. His insights are regularly syndicated across the United States by FOX News Radio, and he leads regular online education sessions and masterminds with his community via his YouTube channel. 

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