Rise above mid-market growth gridlock.

Gain more control, accelerate scale, achieve record profitability the RISE Way, with professional coaching that utilizes a stacked framework proven to help you drive meaningful results, faster.

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Scaling Up, Rockefeller Habits Certified.

Push past plateaus and jump-start your growth

If you want your mid-market company to go further, faster, do it the RISE Way. Learn from a proven business scaling framework, a world-class coach who helps shorten time to mastery, and an inspired community of like-minded individuals, to close the gap between deciding and doing.
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Scaling Up success story

After feeling stuck for years, Cougar USA engaged with Rise Performance Group to coach them through the implementation of the Scaling Up performance platform. Three years later and they have far exceeded their goals and are not slowing down. They have doubled revenue while increasing gross profit margins and freeing up time for the executive team.

Watch the video to hear from Tim Zacharias, President of Cougar USA, on how Rise Performance Group has affected Cougar's growth.

The RISE Way

Unlock winning strategies by tapping into the power of the Scaling Up business growth system. Accelerate achievement of your goals, align your teams, and unleash visionary leadership.

Leverage RISE Performance Group’s deep experience and proven track record driving explosive growth in mid-market companies to transform mindsets, push boundaries, and achieve audacious objectives. 

True leaders serve all stakeholders, which include clients and everyone inside their organizations. Break down silos, align your team, and accelerate results with less effort. 

"Emotion creates motion." Gain fuel for your journey, inspire yourself and your team to take meaningful action, and thrive in any challenge.

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Mastering the Brand Promise - Identifying the Single Most Important Measurable in Building Value

1. How to Identify Your Guarantee: Understand the core promise that only your business can deliver and why it matters.

2. Why It Takes Confidence: Learn why confidence is crucial in articulating and standing by your brand promise.

3. The Six Questions Leading to Your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): Discover the powerful questions that will guide you to a game-changing, long-term vision for your company.

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