Embrace tomorrow's uncertainty with confidence

In today's fast-paced world, uncertainty can create anxiety for businesses unprepared for what lies ahead. Without a clear vision, aligned leadership, and a growth-focused culture, the pressure mounts, and the fear of falling behind becomes real. Mark Fenner and RISE Performance Group combine the proven Scaling Up framework, world-class coaching, and a community of like-minded leaders that propel you to confidently embrace change and build a foundation for scale.
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For mid-market companies that want to:

  • Think bigger
  • Be bolder
  • Make more decisive commitments to move forward

You will:

  • Successfully plan and execute an effective growth strategy
  • Build and maintain a corporate culture that consistently achieves results
  • Empower your team to improve accountability, decision making, and problem solving skills
  • Reduce drama and down-time in favor of focusing on strategic priorities

The Stacked Approach to Scaling Up

Like-Minded Community

Join a driven, ambitious network of industry leaders that share your passion and grit.

A World-Class Coach

Leverage the expertise of a Scaling Up coaching veteran with a proven track record of moving mid-market companies to $100M and beyond.

Scaling Up Framework

Establish radical accountability among your leadership team based on the battle-tested foundation of the Scaling Up framework.
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