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Good leaders recognize the need for change but great leaders recognize that the pace of change is too fast to do it alone. While we can’t control the outside, we can control the quality of our teams. As a leader, you have the ability to attract, retain, and develop the best people. Our coaching practices help you create the strategic clarity and alignment that accomplishes this and more.
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Built on the Scaling Up Framework

Rise Performance Group provides world-class coaching services backed by a proven framework to inspire CEOs and their executive teams to overcome the challenges of growing their business. Scaling Up® is a time-tested methodology built on Four Decisions® every company must get right: Cash, Strategy, People, and Execution.

Why strategic planning matters

You are never going to catch a sunset running east, no matter how fast or hard you run. The same is true for strategy. Many business leaders tend to focus too much on administrative tasks to invest the time to think and plan strategically.

Creating a truly differentiated strategy can mean the difference between long-term and short-term success. When you’re equipped with the right strategy, you can move your company to a place that leads to superior performance.
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Two-Day Strategic Planning

Solidify a single vision for the organization
Define a clear three-year differentiated strategy
Document a direct plan with annual + quarterly goals


Through our leadership development programs, Rise Performance Group equips your team with the skills, structure, and metrics needed to build an organization fit for growth.
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