Navigating the Data Maze: Simplifying Metrics, KPIs, and Critical Numbers

Growth is like oxygen for your business. It’s essential to the survivability and profitability of that organization. But your business can’t grow on its own. 
Having processes and systems that can handle increasing volumes is important if you desire to grow. Managers and leaders need to delegate more tactical work so they can focus on more strategic drivers of the business, department or process as the business scales. Effective feedback systems allow you to delegate with confidence by providing you advanced warning of future challenges. This program will help you design the right mix of metrics, KPI's and critical numbers so you can profitably scale up your business, department or process. 

Download the Replay!

Download the Replay!

Who is it for:

Entrepreneurs, Founders and Leaders of high growth companies wanting accelerated results with less effort.


  • I spend too much time expediting and firefighting

  • Our performance is not consistent

  • We are not improving

  • I cannot take an uninterrupted vacation

  • We have difficulty declaring victory 

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to measure what matters.

  • Discover the difference between leading indicators and lagging measures.

  • Learn the power of three critical questions:

  • Did you have a good or bad day?

  • Are you on track or off track with your goal?

  • We are not improving

  • Is your performance improving?

Download the Replay!

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