The RISE Way: Redefine Your Success

"If you dislike change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more." ~ Eric Shinseki

Disruption is transforming how work gets done and how value changes hands at a pace that has never been experienced before.  Amidst disruption, effective leaders focus on building quality teams. Teams that are made up of individuals that listen to the marketplace, out innovate the competition and consistently add superior value to their customer regardless of where the market ultimately ends up.  

Join Mark Fenner, your Scaling Up Coach, for an empowering webinar that will redefine how you approach success in an ever-changing market. Learn to leverage the RISE Way, a unique methodology designed to help you outperform competition and exceed customer expectations, even amidst disruption.

Download the Replay

Download the Replay

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, Founders, Leaders, Managers and Employees wanting accelerated results with less effort.

Do you have these concerns?

- We are stuck and need to improve
- My team is not as inspired as I would like.
- My people are not holding themselves accountable
- We are not improving
- We have difficulty declaring victory

You will learn:

1. Results Orientation: Discover how a relentless focus on results can enable you to consistently deliver more value than your clients expect, driving growth and customer loyalty.
2. Integrity: Understand how fostering a culture of accountability and problem-solving can fuel innovation and resilience, equipping your team to navigate any challenge.
3. Servanthood: Uncover the power of a service-oriented mindset. Learn how prioritizing value addition for all stakeholders — from customers and partners to peers, subordinates, and the community — can elevate your business impact.
4. Energy Management: Explore how to harness emotion to create motion, using energy effectively to inspire action, drive change, and maintain momentum.

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