Mastering the Brand Promise - Identifying the Single Most Important Measurable in Building Value

Unlock the secret to elevating your business with our upcoming community webinar, "Mastering the Brand Promise - Identifying the Single Most Important Measurable in Building Value," hosted by Scaling Up coach Mark Fenner.

Are These Your Concerns?

“Revenue growth has plateaued.”

"Struggling to win new clients?"

"Failing to stand out as unique and valuable?"

"Low customer satisfaction scores?"

If these challenges resonate with you, it's time to revolutionize your approach.

Why Join This Webinar? In an increasingly competitive market, mastering your brand promise is critical. It’s not just about what you offer but how you guarantee value that sets you apart.

Join me, Mark Fenner, as we delve into the strategic process of defining and delivering a brand promise that will transform your business trajectory.

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Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs, Founders, and Investors interested in scaling up middle-market companies

You will learn:

1. How to Identify Your Guarantee: Understand the core promise that only your business can deliver and why it matters.

2. Why It Takes Confidence: Learn why confidence is crucial in articulating and standing by your brand promise.

3. The Six Questions Leading to Your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal): Discover the powerful questions that will guide you to a game-changing, long-term vision for your company.

What You’ll Gain:

1. Clarity and Focus: Pinpoint the single most important measurable that creates undeniable value for your clients.

2. Competitive Edge: Develop a distinct and compelling brand promise that differentiates you in the market.

3. Sales Excellence: Empower your sales team to close deals based on value, not discounts.

4. Enhanced Satisfaction: Achieve higher customer satisfaction by consistently delivering on your unique brand promise.

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